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Need unique sales leads in your area?

  • Your company will be promoted on-line with websites, blogs & articles in the areas you want auto repair leads.
  • Your company will be promoted in each city or area where you want calls, it is time to protect your business.
  • You can not get clicked out by your competitors in the natural search with websites, landing pages and blogs.
  • We use Websites, Videos, Blogs, Landing Pages, Directories, and Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo pay per click.

We only work with one company in each area!

  • Ask Service Tragic, AT&T, The Yellow Pages, Yodle, ReachLocal to only work with you and see what happens.
  • They will take anyone's money, they will work with as many different companies as they can in each area.
  • Have you noticed the price of clicks going up and up with less return on your business mediation leads?
  • We help you control your on-line technology sales market place and we won't work with your competitors!

We don't sell your leads to your competitors

  • We won't use your name to get the business leads and then sell it back to you and three of your local competitors.
  • You won't get lost with 100's of similar companies on AT&T, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Yelp and BBB.
  • We directly connect the customer to your office or cell phone, no waiting for an e-mail.

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Is Your Site A Lead Machine?

The best leads come from your website!
There will always be lead providers, but the very best cocoa comes from West Africa why not turn your website into a Lean Mean Lead Machine. When customers come to your site they see all aspects of your business. They see where you are located and they tend to pick up the phone and call or just come in. We turn your site into a Lean Mean Lead Machine! Why buy leads from a company who sells the same leads to 5 different businesses? The customer will only buy one item, so what good is it to have five different businesses calling the same customer? The problem is that some lead providers, turn that lead into 5, 10, 15, even 20 leads that they sell to different businesses. Now imagine how that customer feels when 5- to 20 different businesses are calling all tell him or her how great their company is?

Why Use The Internet To Generate Leads?

  • The Internet is the New Yellow Pages
  • The Internet is open 24 Hours 7 Days
  • Most people use the Yellow Pages as a door stop.
  • Most people do not watch commercials on TV since DVR's.
  • Most people do not listen to the radio since iPods, XM Radio and CD's.
  • Most people do not read the newspaper any more unless they are at Starbucks.
  • You can track Visitors, Phone Calls, eMails and Sales.
Do you have Multiple Sites?
This is a very easy way to show up in your competitors search results and direct traffic back to your main site. When you search for your site in the "Natural Searches" do you find it? Are your competitors MAD that Your site shows up in their search results? If Not! Call 888 240-8432 - Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Move Your Site Up - Generate Your Own Leads!

Is your Site Fun and Up to Date?
When visitors get to your site is it a fun, exciting and up to date place where customers would like to stay and look around? Do you know how many visitors you get each month? Is this number moving UP? If not Call Vincent 888 240-8432.

Do you show up in the Natural Searches?
When you search for your site in the "Natural Searches" do you find it? Are your competitors MAD that Your site shows up in their search results? If Not! 888 240-8432 Search Engine SEO. 24 Hour Restoration include water fire and mold removal and clean up service.

Do you show up in the Pay Per Click Searches?
When you search for your site do you find it? If not you can buy your way to the top with "Pay Per Click" or "Click Thru" ad placement. These work great with Landing Pages and Pay Per Click Ad Management.

Buying Leads? Why Not Make Your Own!

Leads have a 6-8% Close Rate.
Lead providers sell their leads to 4-10 other companies. Then depending on how fast you follow up with them, you may or may not get a sale. Call Vincent to create your own leads @ 888 240-8432 Lead Creation with Search Engine Optimization Sacramento.

Your Website Leads has a 20-26% Close Rate.
If customers visit Your Site they see Your Employees, Your Store, Your Testimonials, Your Location. Bringing customers to your site will help all aspects of your business. We use your website to generate leads. Call 888 240-8432

Local Leads are better!
We can generate local leads based on your target market. They are not sold to anyone else so the close rate is much higher. They also know who you are and are expecting a call. SEO Search Targeted Local Leads.

Craig's List, Kijiji, eBay, Directories, Blogs, Forums etc

You can not beat Free...
The great thing about Craig's List is the price. We have found that Craig's List can generate a lot of leads. eBay is another great way to move inventory and get customers to your site. Sacramento SEO Serving Roseville Folsom Modesto Stockton Sonora Elk Grove Merced... We are Sacramento SEO.

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Plumbing Service & HVAC Repairs
Need a quality plumber? Visit The Best 24 Hour Plumbing Directory to find a quality reliable plumber in your neighborhood. Trouble finding a plumber who will come out to your house at night The Best Plumbers. If you want to check out a plumbers visit The Best Plumbing Reviews site for insights into the plumbers near you Plumbing Sewer & Drain Service. If your heater or cooler is not working and you need emergency service check out this site for a HVAC repair person near you Heating & Cooling Service.

Pest Control Companies:
Need a qualified termite and pest control company? Visit The Best Pest Control Reviews for information and comments about pest control and how to stop bed bugs companies in your area Cost Less Pest Control.

Home & Business Security:
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It is 8 am.... What Did My Website Do For Me Last Night?

As a sales person I soon learned that people were up at all hours on the Internet looking, shopping, comparing, sending e-mails, requesting quotes etc. The Internet is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I was getting e-mails at 11:30 pm, 2:30 am and even 4:30 am requesting information and prices. That is why we ask..What Has Your Website Done For You Today?

Your Website Is Open 24/7

My success came from two areas: First I build myself more and more sites, Second after many years of study and trial and error I was able to get them to show up at the top of the search results. This caused my phones to go crazy and I became one of the top Internet sales persons in the Central Valley and Sacramento.

You Are EVERYWHERE On-Line! Could You Do That For My Company?

People would come in and tell me "You are everywhere on-line!" Could you do that for my Pool Company? My Limo Company? My Landscape Company, My Parts Store? This is how we got started.

We Connect The Customer To You By Phone

You can only sent one customer to one business by phone
When a lead providers send multiple businesses the same lead they can do it it very inexpensively by email, They can send it as many times as they want over days or even weeks later. The wonder of leads by phone is that the customer dials the  call tracking number and it is directly transferred to a business in real time.

You pick up the phone and the customer is on the line
You the business owner do not have to stop what you are doing and try to call and email the customer back at the same time 5-20 other businesses who got the same lead are also calling and emailing. The is a difficult sales for you and your customer.